Tuesday 14 December 2010

Christmas Lunch - 2010

Our champions
Something had to give and I'm afraid it's been keeping this website up to date, much better the group flourishes so that's where I put my energies.

That said, I couldn't let Sunday's marvellous Christmas meal pass by without comment or putting it on record.

Lou's had one too many!
This was a joint meal between YABeeP and our swarmed colony, the Bristol group - just a shame the Bristol Queen couldn't make it on the day!

Boy's corner
I, and I'm sure everyone that went, especially want to thank Jo and John for both organising it, finding the venue, shopping, preparing the puds and punch and setting up and clearing on Sunday. You did a really great job guys and we all very much appreciate it. You'll already know from the atmosphere on the day (or should I say 'buzz' being a bee group)  that everyone had a really great time. When we started the bee groups we hoped to get folk interested in our way of looking after bees but we never realised  that we would also make such great and fun friends as well.

The wild bees survive
Quite a few of use, either before the meal or following, even went to see our adopted wild bees that are living out in the open in a wind tunnel. I'm very happy to report are still alive and well in the middle of Bristol - what fantastic news especially given the cold of the last few weeks - what can we learn from this?!!!

Again many thanks to Jo & David and everyone who came.

That's my Dad!

Our wild city bees - click on image to see full size