Thursday, 4 March 2010

Ali's bag of pooh

For YABeeP members:

Ali managed to get a bag of old mouse bedding & pooh from Rowntrees Garden Centre which she used and kindly passed on to me. Ali suggested that we 'pass the parcel' with it so that everyone that wants a bite can have some.  If you'd like some mouse droppings email me and I'll pass it on as now's the time to get those bumble boxes out!

For those of you not in the know the dirty mouse bedding is to go in the bumble bee boxes we made last December. Bumble queens, at least the Buff-tail (bombus terrestris) - the most common species of bumble, like to nest in deserted mouse nests so the poohy bedding is to attract them. If you didn't make a box it's not too late to set up a flower pot or paving slab nest . But you need to hurry as the queens emerge from hibernation about now looking for their nest for this year. Once they are settled it will be too late!

Let me know if you want some pooh!  See you at the next meeting a week Saturday.

[8th Mar 10 - Edited to add that the offending article has now been passed on to Roy, ring him if you need some]
Bombus terrestris courtesy of Wikipedia Comms


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