Thursday, 18 March 2010

So beekeepers are to blame!!!

The Times has featured a report by the National Audit Office (NAO) that suggests that it is untrained beekeepers who are to blame for the spread of disease - read it here. Oh really!

Apparently the NAO "is concerned that the control of varroa is being hampered by the lack of colony inspections by the National Bee Unit, part of Defra. It is also unhappy that control efforts to date have failed to prevent varroa, which was not seen in Britain before 1992, from becoming endemic in 2006."

This makes me so angry! Why do they insist on chasing the symptoms rather than the disease. If these energies were instead put into banning importing bees and educating beekeepers to use local bees instead we'd keep the nasty diseases out of the country and reduce the need for bee inspectors!!!! How do they think varroa got here - through lack of inspections?!!!   Mad

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SweetBee said...

I love the presumption that 'amateurs' a) don't know what they are doing and b) they are somehow doing it 'wrong' and that c) they do not bother about disease!

At least the Chair of the BBKA talked some sense.