Saturday 21 November 2009

Gardening for Bees

Gardening for Bees - and other pollinating insects

We had always planned to have a page on the YABeeP website to give guidance on gardening for bees although, with other priorities in this our first year, this stayed 'on the back burner'.

Fortunately, in 2010 one of our members in the gardening game professionally gave us an excellent presentation on Planting for Bees, a summary of which is now published on the website to provide this advice for all.

We have also discovered another website by Marc Carlton which not only gives excellent advice with downloadable fact sheets but also follows the sustainable principles that YABeeP encourages. As there is no sense in reinventing the wheel I would encourage all members and others who visit this site to use Marc's excellent Gardens for Wildlife website for bee-friendly, and other pollinating insect, gardening advice. 

The whole website is very well written with sound advice, not only for those who actively house bees of whatever species, but also if you want a wildlife-friendly, more natural and sustainable garden. In particular make sure you read his Basics page, download his Wildlife Gardening fact sheets and plant lists', see his bumblebee and gardens page with yet more fact sheets and make sure that you build a solitary bee some following his useful Make a Home for Solitary Bees page. Marc has also produced an excellent Bibliography (330KB pdf file) where you can do a keyword search for topics of interest - good on you Marc!

Originally from London Marc is now just over the water in Chepstow so we can welcome him a near neighbour.

Please Note: The content of Marc's website is subject to copyright. He has kindly made it available for personal use or non-commercial educational purposes only but re-publication without permission is prohibited.

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