Sunday, 3 April 2011

Inside a Warré hive

Sadly John lost a Warré hive this winter. This was not 'die-out' but more of a 'knock down'! Let me explain....

He keeps his hives on a friend's field quite distant to where he lives so doesn't get to visit them often, especially over winter. When he checked on them a couple of weeks ago, the first time this year I believe, he found the Warré had been knocked over and, as it's on a steep slope, had broken apart. With all 3 boxes open to the elements the bees had no chance, especially this winter - the coldest for 100 years according to the Met Office.

John thinks it was either a deer or a bulk drop of snow from the tree above that caused it to go. A lesson to us all to ensure that the hive is securely tethered and strapped together as a single unit as a fallen hive only open at one end in one piece may survive. I have accordingly updated the 'Siting your Hive' section on this page.

 There was plenty of honey and stores so it is pretty certain that without the topple and breaking open it would have survived. John kindly brought two boxes over last week so that I could photograph them - see below - he will also bring a box to this Saturday's meeting so everyone an check it out.

Our commiserations go to John and thanks to him for letting us see the contents. On a positive his National is OK and so he has still got bees. At least with the destroyed Warré he'll have 3 excellent bait boxes!

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Upper box of 3
(click any image to enlarge)

Lower box

John points out a play cup

close up of play cups

Boxes 2 & 3 as they grew

Built from a National hive he even used
the frames - brilliant recycling John, well done!