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Presentations and Workshops

YABeeP is often called on to give presentations and workshops to community groups, local organisations or businesses on bees generally and bee-friendly natural beekeeping1 specifically.

This page outlines some of our 'standard' packages which can be delivered to external groups. Bespoke talks, demonstrations and workshops can also be tailored to a groups particular needs.

Off the shelf presentations/workshops:

YB1: Beefriending Our Bees
Target audience Generalist - anyone who wants to learn more about bees in general and learn some practical ways they can attract bees into their own gardens/spaces.
Duration 45 minutes to 1 hour
Delivery mode Illustrated slide presentation, question time and demonstration of bee equipment, their nests,  boxes and hives
Learning Aim To introduce the 3 main categories of bee found in the UK and outline their life cycle and habitat
Learning objectives At the end of the talk members will understand the 3 main types of bee found in the UK (plus bee mimics and related insects), have a general knowledge of their distinct life cycles and habitat. Additionally members will be introduced to ways to make bee homes for the various category of bee
Primary presenter Robin Morris - founder of YABeeP - Link to biography 

YB2: So you want to keep honeybees? 
The bee-friendly 'Swingometer'
Target audience Those interested in starting bee keeping (honeybees) and wishing to make an informed choice of the management regime and hive types most suited to their aspirations
Duration 45 minutes to 1.5 hours
Delivery mode Illustrated slide presentation and workshop with open forum participation. Includes a demonstration of various hives
Learning Aim To assist those planning to take up bee keeping make an informed decision about the hive types and management methodology most suitable to them
Learning objectives
  • The session looks at the various motivations that drive people to keep bees and the impact of the various husbandry systems currently available.
  • It outlines the basic bee life-cycle, their biology, needs and wants as a wild creature. 
  • Using the illustration of a swingometer it describes a continuum between the behaviour of wild/feral honey bees left to manage their own affairs at one extreme and the intensive husbandry practices of a highly 'managed' production colony at the other extreme.
  • Alternative husbandry systems, hives and bee boxes are then discussed and overlaid onto this continuum.
  • Participants are open to arrive at their own conclusions as to which hive and husbandry systems are most suited to their own personal bee keeping aspirations.
  • This session is particularly suited for those whose interest is keeping bees through a desire to help bees and the environment rather than profit from their honey production.
Primary presenter Robin Morris - founder of YABeeP - Link to biography 

  • In order to host a talk you will need to be able to provide a warm and dry venue preferably with a 240v electricity supply. 
  • YABeeP do not own our own PC Projector so you will either need to supply one with connector to a 'Windows'© p.c. or fund the rental charge. Exceptionally talks can be given without projection by prior agreement but the use of photographs and images gives a significant advantage.
  • On-site parking for one vehicle is required as various hives and ancillary equipment need to be transported.
  • We also ask that you consider the needs of those with reduced mobility and wheelchair users in your choice of venue.
A  modest charge is made for talks dependant on duration and subject. 
A per mile fuel charge2 is also made for the return journey from Yatton, North Somerset to your venue.
All charges are fully receipted.

Further Information:
For further information please contact Robin Morris on or telephone 01934 876275.

Robin Morris

YABeeP believes that bees should be kept using natural beekeeping practices. Click here for an explanation of what this means
2 currently 40p per mile