Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Dave's Bees

I'd just got back from town on Tuesday 16th when I picked up a message from Robin asking if I'd like to go with him to collect a swarm from Baildon Rd in Weston. After a moment's hesitation and - yes - see you there in an hour. Arriving in Weston I was greeted by Gary who had called North Somerset Council to ask for help with removing the swarm. Explaining that I was the trainee/assistant we chatted for a few minutes before Robiin and Sarah arrived. The swarm had lodged inside Gary's hedge and was a little difficult to get at.. After a few minutes struggle with Gary's massive bolt cutters the branch came away and the swarm was tapped into the Warre box. We needed to use another box to collect the stragglers but Robin soon had most of them and positioned the Warre box on its base by the hedge leaving it there for the roaming bees to settle down and put their feet up for the night. I had been feeling a little nervous having been stung by one of Jenny's bees the previous week (still have a small lump now) so I was pleased I'd bought the protective gear from Mike on the previous Friday.

It was a bright and sunny evening and I was a little unsure what time the bees would have all returned to base for the night but by 8.15 I decided to set off stopping at Robin's on the way to collect some shavings for my quilt. Arriving at Gary's about 9.00 all was quiet around the box and had it not been for the fact that he had been watching them all evening I would have been a little unsure about whether they were still there! So tightening the strap with Gary's help (that was a bit trickier than I anticipated) the box was sealed and off I went - leaving Gary behind who was, by this time, rather sad to see them go. Robin had given him the Yabeep blog address and he took my telephone number to find out how they are getting on in a week or two.

Arriving home it was fairly easy to put the box into position. The following morning I was a bit anxious that I would find they had all gone but they seemed quite settled and were already busy flying off and returning to the hive - I've been really surprisd at the speed they move. It's a week later now there's plenty of activity going on and things seem to be Ok despite my garden being rather small.

Thanks to Gary for his interest and help and of course continuing thanks to Robin who is doing a great job in promoting all this bee activity.

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YABeeP said...

Great post Dave, thanks for the story. Please let's have a pic' of the bees flying once you get the chance.