Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Standing meeting agenda

Now YABeeP is growing we are suggesting that future meetings follow a Standing Agenda as shown below.
This has been designed to provide more of a structure and ensure that we make the meetings of value to both new and existing members.

Of course meetings will remain very informal, as before, and we have no plans to change our overriding philosophy of having fun  - we'll continue to enjoy helping the bees!

Suggested Standing Agenda for YABeeP Meetings:
Part 1 – The meeting - (times as guide only)

  • Welcome & Introductions (5 mins)
  • Update
      • Upcoming events (5 mins)
      • Recent events report back (5 mins)
      • Member's colonies & nests update (10 mins)
  • What's going on in the colony this month (10 mins)
  • Jobs for the month (10 mins)
  • Monthly feature/s (10/15 mins each) - One or two slots on an aspect of bees given by members or occasionally a guest speaker
    • Agenda items raised by members 
    • AOB
    • Next meeting - date, venue, speakers 

    Part 2 – Colony inspection, networking & social
    Dependant on time of year, weather and hive type this can range from a quick external peek to a full inspection of honeybee, bumble & solitary colonies – to include tea, coffee & biscuits and occasionally a post-meeting picnic/BBQ.

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