Sunday, 28 March 2010

Hive building workshop

Saturday - 27th March 2010

Just a quick post to record the brilliant hive building workshop we had yesterday. This was a day to build horizontal or Kenyan style hives, to the Biobees template with additional viewing windows, varroa trays and side bars.

The day started with a really slick production line as people volunteered to prepare different parts ready for later assembly. We started out planning to make 9 x 4 foot hives but in all the confusion of parts moving around the site we lost count and in the manic enthusiasm we miscounted and the parts for 11 were made! Well I'm not accepting responsibility - I've only got 10 fingers after all! Not only were the folk making hives there but a couple of other members turned up during the day to help, cajole and generally get in the way lending advice, making cups of coffee, etc.

To the amusement, or probably downright annoyance, of the nearby neighbours there were times during the day that we resembled a ramshackle orchestra. At full volume we omitted the music of sawing, planes, power saws, drills and the occasional vocal line "Ouch, I've bashed me finger!".

Yet again the weather was kind to us so we must be doing something right! It was just as well really with that number of people as we'd have never all squeezed into the garage and conservatory even without the hives had the weather turned wet. Some of us even picked up a tan from being outside - or was that wind burn or just plain old fashioned dirt?!!!

The day ended at around 5:30 following a team photo just for the record followed by with a steady funerial procession of cars apparently odd shaped collecting coffins for their journeys home. And yes, Beanie proved that you can fit a 4' long hive into a Smart car!!!

Many thanks to all who brought along vitals like biscuits, cake, coffee, and even licorice comfits for us all to share. Not only did we assemble the 9 planned hives and have 2 flat pack hives left over to boost club funds  but we all had an really enjoyable, worthwhile and quite tiring day. And what about the cost? doing them in bulk and using some recycled pallet wood we were able to produce the 4' hives with viewing windows for £28 each, less for those who used just pallet wood - eat your heart out Omlet!!!

Ain't this sustainable beekeeping great?!!!


PS: I drafted a document for those who made hives at this day describing how to complete your top bar hive which you can download here from Scribd 

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Ali said...

Twas a great day to be sure, Robin. Thanx to you and Sarah for putting up with us all - again!