Friday, 9 April 2010

Member's Hives

I thought that it would be worth adding a page with pictures of member's hives so will be chasing all of you for pictures. I'll add them as I get them:

Click on any image to enlarge it

Starting off with Roy's, completed March 2010:

Two of our horizontal's built July 2008 and a pallet Warré from Jan 09:

Peter & Sue's Horizontal (note the clever recycled legs)  and Warré:-

John's Warré box - 2nd pic' with bees:

Andrew & Janice's 2010 Kenyan hive:

Andrew & Janice's 2 x 2009 Warrés (and chicken!):

Beanie and Martin join the queue - what a great use of pallets!:

Now we have Naiomi's hive:

Gareth's joins the bunch:

May 2010 - Kay & Peter's creation:

Wendy's flat roof version:

Sue's now ready:

Kevin's hTBH (May 2010):

At last Lou & Simon get a swarm!
Queen includer for 1st 24 hrs only

Idyllic setting


YABeeP said...

Apostrophe added to the title at the behest of a certain woman! :-(

Anonymous said...

That certain woman distinctly remembers telling you that the apostrophe goes after the s and not before, otherwise you are talking about a member and its hive!!