Saturday, 17 April 2010

Let's all pull together

I think that everyone would agree with me that our last meeting was all the richer because of the efforts by Ali, Beanie and Jenny who had, at my request and sometimes reluctantly, prepared brief talks on subjects for the meeting:

They also kindly gave me their notes which have been added to the website as a permanent resource for those who missed the meeting, future members and others who I know follow our website from around the globe!

Not only did their contributions expand our knowledge and enrich the website but they found that their research benefited them and, most importantly, they enjoyed it!

Can I again ask ALL YABeeP members who attend meetings to volunteer to do the same at future meetings? We make no charge for joining YABeeP so here is your golden opportunity to give something back, enrich your life and learn something useful at the same time – I'd call that win-win!

Remember, you can do this even if you are new and know next to nothing about bees and beekeeping – you'll be amazed at what you can learn from just half an hour's research on the internet using a search engine – Google is your friend!

There are no experts in YABeeP, and that applies especially to me, so you'll not be criticised, you'll be applauded – you are amongst friends here.

If you want some inspiration see this document for ideas but you can choose any topic you like, whatever interests you so long as it's bee related. In particular we have little expertise on Bumbles and Solitary bees.

It's been suggested that those contributing in this way could maybe jump a couple of spaces in the 'waiting for bee swarms' queue which might be an idea for an incentive, though for the present I'm hoping that contributing to YABeeP is the only incentive required.

Go on, give it a go and let me know!


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