Monday, 28 February 2011

12 March Reminder

(copy of email sent to all members)

Dear YABeeP Member

1. Next YABeeP meeting – Sat 12th March

This is a reminder that our first 2001 meeting will be on 12th March, a week this Saturday.

Because of the high numbers joining YABeeP this year I am having to consider holding the meeting in a nearby community hall. Can I please ask you to respond urgently letting me know whether you intend to come to this meeting so that I can gauge numbers. I will then send out a further message a few days before the 12th with venue details.

The 12th March meeting will focus on:
  • an introduction to natural beekeeping for those new to YABeeP 
  • winter review of our hives 
  • an introduction to the hive building workshops (solitary & Warré) 

2. Hive Building Workshop - 30th April
We have decided to build Warré hives again this year for those planning to build a hive at our 2011 workshop.

There is much work you need to do beforehand to prepare. Not only do you need to learn about bees and the Warré management philosophy, but you will also need to reach some decisions about the design of your individual hive – there are options. I have written some additional pages on our website to help you do this – follow this link. Please make sure that you read these and the information they point to and reach your decisions well before the workshop, though if you read these before the meetings you can then ask about anything that you don't understand.

You are still welcome to build a horizontal top bar hive if you prefer but I'm afraid that we cannot do this at the YABeeP workshop - see these pages if you want assistance in building one of these.

3. Other bits & bobs of interest

  • YABeeP poster – If you wish to help publicise YABeeP in the North Somerset area you can download, print out and display the this poster (168KB pdf file).  
  • Honey: The Golden Treasure. This interesting half hour programme was recently broadcast on th BBC's World Service. You can listen to it here on the BBC iplayer . 
  • Hanging Basket HiveThis 10 minute YouTube video shows this fascinating hive in use. I'm not suggesting that you all rush out for basket making materials and cow dung but it is of great interest in what a natural colony like looks like. Those watching the Bristol bridge colony will notice a striking resemblance. 
  • Bees fighting varoa – Another 10 minute YouTube video, this time showing that honeybees do groom these mites. 
  • And finally, can anyone get hold of an empty office/industrial water cooler bottle for me please? I want one to add to my kit for this year's swarm catching duties – see this 30 second YouTube video – what a brilliant idea! If you can supply one I'd be really grateful.

I look forward to seeing you on 12th March, meanwhile watch for a further email with details of where we will meet.
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